Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Media Tool for the Whole Parish

The Internet offers challenges and opportunities for everyone. When it comes to religious education, the opportunites are vast for bringing significant content about the Catholic faith tradition to the fingertips of our Catholic youth and families. Also, with the click of the mouse or the touch of the finger, one can scroll forward into the breadth and depth of the Catholic tradition on most questions about the faith. Information is getting more and more accessible from a wider group of responsible and authoritative sources enabling better faith formation programs with more measurable results. has just made available to parishes everywhere the opportunity to obtain a parish-wide membership that allows any and all parishioners the chance to have full access to over 7,500 Church Approved Q+A. The play of more than a dozen games/quizzes at 4 challenge levels across ten knowledge categories enables real advancement in parish catechesis that engages entire families and multiple groups within the community. is a playful website and a serious tool.

St. Mary's Press as well as the Daughters of St. Paul at Pauline Books & Media are working together with on ways to advance catechesis for youth and adults through new media tools. This is a new age of opportunity and a new time to utilize what we have available in technology to advance the Gospel and build the community of faith. Pope Benedict XVI spoke to priests directly on May 16, 2010 in his Message for the 44th World Communications Day, Pope Benedict XVI stated:

To priests in particular the new media offer ever new and far-reaching pastoral possibilities, encouraging them to embody the universality of the Church’s mission, to build a vast and real fellowship, and to testify in today’s world to the new life which comes from hearing the Gospel of Jesus, the eternal Son who came among us for our salvation.

A Parish Membership to can demonstrate pastoral commitment to meeting parishioners through new digital media that is purposefully advancing the evangelical and catechetical mission of the Church.