Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dedication of

On the occasion of the Anaheim Religious Education Congress on March 19, 2010, we have dedicated the website to Msgr. William A. Kerr. He was a good priest and wonderful friend who knew how to bring people together, build community and serve the Church through his love of people, intelligence and good natured sense of humor. Bill saw opportunity and possibility were others saw problems and division. He was a peacemaker and an educator who always found a way to listen and encourage people of all walks of life and backgrounds. The following dedication is published on in honor of Fr. Bill Kerr:


Monsignor William A. Kerr, Jr. (1940-2009)

In this year of the priest, Msgr. Bill Kerr stands out as an inspiring example of a faithful priest, educator, diplomat and long-time friend for whom this new website is dedicated.

Msgr. Kerr's career took him from parish priest in his St. Louis hometown to campus minister at Florida State University, to vice president of The Catholic University of America, to the presidency of La Roche College in Pittsburgh, to executive director of the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington, D.C.

Msgr. Kerr spent many years in Tallahassee after being assigned to the Catholic Student Center at Florida State University in 1971. He returned in 2006 as executive director of the Claude Pepper Center for International Dialogue.

Msgr. Kerr inspired the development of because of his pastoral zeal for ministry to young people of all ages, his commitment to Catholic education and his dedication to the Church in all that he did. He reached out across religious, cultural and geo-political barriers to promote understanding, dialogue and reconciliation through education. is proud to recognize Msgr. William A. Kerr as friend and mentor for the development of the website in this year of the priest.

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